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The Munch Box is a monthly subscription service by mail. Inside every Munch Box are a handmade assortment of sweet, sour, salty, and savory Hawaii snacks.



1) Select your Box type and review the flavors.

2) Use the form below to specify your mailing address and special instructions, including customizing your flavors. Or, send an email to Shay at If you do not specify your flavors, you'll receive the most popular products.

3) Once your order is placed, future orders will be shipped out around the same time each month. To make adjustments to your ship date for a specific month, contact Shay at

4) You can cancel at any time or revise your flavors (at least one week before your scheduled ship date). Use the customization form to make changes.

5) You can also "share" a single subscription by specifying a different domestic address each month.

6) Note: Munch Box purchases must be made from this page separately from purchasing other items in the Shop.